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It is almost lunch time

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VicZinc 10 months ago

I don't. I think I have already hit most of the highlights during my life and I'm ok with that. :)

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Will_Janitor 10 months ago

I'm hoping.

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Cantstop 10 months ago

I am positive the best is yet to come for me.


+3   3  Reply

Lil_Princess 10 months ago

Will you really even know when "the best" arrives?

+2   2  Reply

DandyDon 10 months ago

moving to cali

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TomboyJanet 10 months ago

Hopefully fingers crossed. 乂º◡º乂

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Ada 10 months ago

If not my plans are all shit and I should just join the old folks home a few years early. :)

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DW2 10 months ago

I think it better to surround one's self with the glass half full people. My second selection would be the literalist, who see's that there's water in the glass...

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Freeranger 10 months ago

Plenty of people.

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TheCensoredBrit 10 months ago