The smile they are born with adds to their character to me, and I find the imperfection beautiful.

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What is the point of having teeth, in the first place? They chew the food we eat.

As a status marker, I don't understand the concept. Why would anyone get their children braces in the first place? I'm missing teeth and yet I feel completely superior to a random squirrel.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 days ago

In response to “What is the point of having teeth, in the...

Are you a cornfed onion husker? just joking...

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Jaxxi 15 hrs ago

We in USA are lucky enough to have good dental care available. I would spend money for my child to have a nice smile even if I got no vacations .

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 2 days ago

In response to “We in USA are lucky enough to have good...

We probably have the best dental care in the world over here in Finland.

I just don't see the point. It's not going to help them to become Hollywood stars. Having a nice smile and no integrity has been the root of evil forever. I guess, having straight, white teeth is more important than the basic values, then.


ZonkeyBalls 2 days ago

I like a crooked smile

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VicZinc 2 days ago

It's a bit of a misconception that people get braces exclusively to straighten their teeth. It's more likely that their teeth are pushed so close together in some spots that they're at a greater risk for the development of cavities (and periodontal disease later on in life) on those areas of the teeth that are difficult to brush or even floss. Especially at risk are kids who don't see a dentist until something is already wrong and they're experiencing pain. At that point it may be too late as even the unexposed secondary teeth can be affected in a very short period of time without attention.

Braces are a matter of forethought, you only have so many teeth and as a child, teen or even an adult, even one that brushes, they may not get the attention they deserve. Not all cavities head toward the root of a tooth and produce noticeable pain either. Sometimes they fan through a tooth like a spider web, literally hollowing it out.

There are just so many different ways that teeth sitting too close together can put a tooth or an entire mouth of teeth at risk that the perception of braces as purely cosmetic can be extremely shortsighted. No one wants dentures in their 30s or 40s and why make that a possibility if you can prevent it. Especially now days, braces are so different and so much cheaper too.

Not to mention, you don't suddenly discover your kid needs braces. With x-rays, you have time to prepare to finance them. Your teeth also play an important role in your overall health.

So... I'd completely disagree that crooked teeth are the main reason people consider braces in the majority of cases.

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ForkNdaRoad 2 days ago

In response to “It's a bit of a misconception that people get...

Let's face reality here.

Eighty percent of the kids have braces, because their parents want to make sure that little Olivia / Oliver has perfect teeth and a wonderful smile as a grown up. You are completely missing out the whole superficiality of the silly darn operation. You are referring to the remaining twenty percent, as if they were the majority, which is not the case.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 days ago

In response to “Let's face reality here. Eighty percent of...

I'm not discounting that it is a symbol of status for some, don't misunderstand. That dynamic exists because some have access to doctors and dentists that a great many others don't have.

It is not because most parents wake up one morning thinking: "The Jone's kid has perfect teeth, I better get little Johnny some braces, ASAP," or "Principle Smith might judge if I don't have Sally's teeth straightened." I don't think this is comparable to parents who shell out several hundred dollars to buy their daughter the newest designer purse or their son the coolest bike on the street.

Another example where we see this same theme (access as a form of status) is in dermatology. Excessive teeth whitening treatments may be a bit closer, as a practice to signify status, to the mindset you describe than braces.

So I'll grant they can signify wealth status. Where I disagree is in the notion that braces being a symbol of status for some negates the underlying necessity / reason behind braces for a great many thus reassigning the value of them. I would certainly dispute the 80% v. 20% stats to your point or mine. I don't think it's that clear-cut.

And I highly doubt that a parent whose kid has teeth like my little nephew will miss the child being in pain, the crying, the sedation /surgeries to fix the problems this closeness can cause, the expenses that come with it, much less the fist fill of lost teeth that could have been saved just because they look differently than before or because someone might peg them as shallow because their kid's teeth are straight. That to me is more aligned with superficiality than the alternative. I'm sure you would agree even if we disagree about what percentage these cases comprise on the whole.

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ForkNdaRoad 2 days ago

In response to “I'm not discounting that it is a symbol of...

I agree with your points of view.

Perhaps my percentage was off by a mile. Still, I'd say it's at least 50/50... Those, who need actual help and those, who have over-achieving parents.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 days ago

In response to “I agree with your points of view. Perhaps my...

I honestly don't know what the breakdown is, you could be right. I know those whitening treatments are pretty abused. I've seen a few people with teeth so white they can put your eye out.

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ForkNdaRoad 2 days ago

In response to “I honestly don't know what the breakdown is...

You have seen people with teeth?! That's unbelievable.

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ZonkeyBalls 2 days ago

In response to “You have seen people with teeth?! That's...

I know right, especially since I live in the south!

There you go, I've filled my daily stereotype quota ;)

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ForkNdaRoad 2 days ago

If your child had acne would you not take them to a dermatologist? Of course
a child should have braces if necessary, it is a parent's job to help them be the best they can be. Having a beautiful smile is one less thing to worry about and if you think the world won't judge them over their smile, then you need a dose of reality. Great smiles open doors whether we want them to or not. then be wary because great smiles can do a lot of harm if we don't look beneath the surface.

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ozzyboy yesterday

In response to “If your child had acne would you not take...

No I would tell the stupid kid to wash his face and eat right. If he had eczema I would take him to a doctor. I doubt my kid would have pimples, I never got more than 2 in my life.


LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 15 hrs ago

Im a dad..and my child got braces.....I lost the smile when I got the dentist bill

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