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Rambunctious, Athletic, partying, overreaching, occasionally violent, I had longer hair but always had caps or bandanas, I drank alot, I smoked alot of pot, I beat up guys, and I had my first lesbian experience

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TomboyJanet 3 days ago

An underachiever. I was more interested in girls than school work. I played varsity basketball and golf, but only because my high school was tiny.

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PhilboydStudge 3 days ago

Nerd, music geek, and a book-worm but extremely flirtatious and naughty most of the time.

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Tiffanee 3 days ago

I was quiet, spent a lot of the time at the library, hanging out with the one or two guys that were friends....occasionally dragged into larger social settings against my will. I never really belonged to any particular clique. There were people I liked in all cliques, and people I couldn't stand in all cliques. I was pretty lazy but it came easy to me so I was pretty much able to coast through.

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ProdigalSon 3 days ago

Still in high school. Quiet, shy, nerdy, in the Latin Club, bad at all things athletic, always in the library...I have a small group of close friends that can't be too easily labeled (they're nerds and hipsters mostly, though) and I don't think I'd want it any differently. :)

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Thibault 3 days ago

I was plainly stupid.

Easily manipulated by my "best friend", who only wanted me for my sense of humor. Nah, he can rot in the dungeons for the rest of eternity. That means, teaching IT, obviously.

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ZonkeyBalls 3 days ago

I was friends with most people. I wasn't a jock but could play sports. I wasn't gith but had sine friends who were. I was a partier.

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Nowlost 3 days ago

A looser. Same as now.

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VicZinc 3 days ago

Quiet, shy, no friends :(

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doctorwho1011 3 days ago

Quiet, smart, very shy until I was playing sports, then I came alive. lol

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StarzAbove 2 days ago

A major pain in the ****! (o_o)

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Rooster 2 days ago

Early in high school I was just trying to survive bullying so I tried to stay quiet and off the radar and my marks were really bad. In the last two years, I was only one of three boys at school so there was no bullying, i relaxed, studied hard, did a lot of athletics and got on well with the teachers.

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OzSurfer 2 days ago