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When I became a father.

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JerryHendrickson 1 year ago teens and early twenties were a rough go. I'm way more collected and happier now than I ever was back then.

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ProdigalSon 1 year ago

My life has been complicated for as long as I can remember. I guess it started in high-school when I came out of my shell.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago

For as long as I can remember, I just never seem to fit in. Things got extremely more complicated when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. (ditto Jerry)
Now years later I still do not 'fit in.' I am separated from my wife (the mentioned girlfriend) I have 2 lovely kids. 2 more if you count the ones from my new partner. However, life is a hell of a lot less complicated.
I have learn over time how to be the puppet master instead of life's puppet.

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voxlug 1 year ago

It's been complicated for a while. Ever since I realized I was gay, I knew this was going to be a complicated life. Even my parents' divorce when I was 7 had started things on a "complicated" roll.

In fact, when I graduated college and started living on my own, things seemed to get simpler.

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Logan 1 year ago

I've had problems in my life, but I've never considered my life complicated, even when things didn't go well.

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StarzAbove 1 year ago

Not long after I turned 18 and my Dad dragged me to the recruiting station and I signed up to go into the Army!

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Rooster 1 year ago

In response to “Not long after I turned 18 and my Dad dragged...

He didn't!!! Do you hold that against him? For me...that would be good for at least a 20 year grudge.

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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

In response to “He didn't!!! Do you hold that against him?...

Yes I did! Only grudge I've ever held for long. Hardly spoke again till his death.

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Rooster 1 year ago

I agree with Jerry. When I became a father. Especially when we had number 3. That's when I ran out of arms. Ha!

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Will_Janitor 1 year ago

I think it was the most complicated when I was at school and at University. Then it peaked when I went through a divorce. Otherwise it's been fun, organised and relaxed mostly.

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OzSurfer 1 year ago

Life has always been complicated and sadly I have not always dealt with it in the best ways. But things are looking up and that is all that matters to me.


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Lil_Princess 1 year ago