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I think this is why my feet hurt so much😘

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I suddenly realized why I was getting headaches. It was from banging my head against the wall.... LoL...

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Sukiesnow 11 months ago

Not tonight honey, you have a headache.

*hits him on the head with the lamp*

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Tiffanee 11 months ago

I'd give you a run for your money on that Sport! I kick myself in the **** for lot's of things I do before thinking about them.

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Rooster 11 months ago

In response to “I'd give you a run for your money on that...


Sometimes I should

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Lil_Princess 11 months ago

Now I am extremely flexible but I can't find a way to kick myself in the butt, except with the back of my heel, that is not very painful at all.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 10 months ago