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could be

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Freeranger 5 days ago


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JustJimColo 5 days ago

You try something different to re-ignite the spark!

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Rooster 5 days ago

Deal with it.

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StarzAbove 5 days ago

End it.

That is one thing that has to be in-sync or the relationship won't work.

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Tiffanee 5 days ago

If one is always left wanting, in any sense, it will never work

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Carla 5 days ago

Intimacy does not generally mean ****. When someone's level either does not meet your level or you do not meet theirs...you need to consider readjusting....

You can't expect what may never happen...but yet it still might...if someone grows in trust and love.

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Sukiesnow 5 days ago

The couple needs to talk about it. If this doesn't help and you're not married, you break up. If you are married and it is unresolved, you "take matters into your own hands".

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PhilboydStudge 3 days ago