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It's already done so at least 6 times. To answer your second question, we'll have to wait and see.

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trooper 10 months ago

No, when the world ends, that will be it for all humanity.

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StarzAbove 10 months ago

The way things are going, that is a strong possibility.

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Cantstop 10 months ago

Everything ends eventually

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DWF 10 months ago

Everything ends eventually. The world will end too, maybe sooner than you think.

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Tiffanee 10 months ago

This earth has spawned many forms of life over billions if years. There is no reason to believe it wont again, when we are very long gone.

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Carla 10 months ago

99.999% of all species, ever, are now extinct. I'd say the chances of us surviving are quite slim... and that's being optimistic. Also, we don't seem to be helping our cause much...

Our planet will still harbor life, the question is if we want to be a part.

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semple 10 months ago

Yes, and let's hope it is a more intelligent species this time.

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dru18 10 months ago

Yes, but not like dinosaurs. When? In about 100 years.

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Jaxxi 9 months ago