Of course you NEED groceries...but even within purchasing grocs, there are items you need and ones you just want...

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All I need is the air that I breathe https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HydvceA1PAI - and to love you.

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VicZinc 1 year ago

In response to “All I need is the air that I breathe...

I'm swept away...as usual....

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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

It depends. (biggrin)

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Bozette 1 year ago

In response to “//**It depends.**// (biggrin)

You get an UpVote but no UpLove, Missy.

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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

In response to “(u)


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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

As I'm on a single income now, most of my money goes into living expenses.

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OzSurfer 1 year ago

I drink a lot. I'm an alc.

Therefore, I need beer or booze. I don't really want it as much as I need it, but that is a fine line to walk and I don't have the best of balance to choose from.

Let's just say, that I am.

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ZonkeyBalls 1 year ago

I'm confused on how to answer because I spend so much on health insurance that I neither need nor want.

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JerryHendrickson 1 year ago

Things I want generally cost more than what I need so I'm going with wants.

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Will_Janitor 1 year ago

The things I need always come first. I figure in 9 more years when the last kids is out of the house, I can then buy the things I want.


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Lil_Princess 1 year ago

What I want at the time.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago


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Masha 1 year ago

Being a Dad, I tend to spend money on other peoples needs and wants.

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AliceD 1 year ago

That's complicated. Do o need a nice house, probably not, i could live in a tiny house or cardboard box. Do i need 2 cars, a truck and a motorcycle? Probably not, i guess one old beater would suffice. Do i need to go to the gym

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Cantstop 1 year ago

In response to “That's complicated. Do o need a nice house...

So, I guess needs, but I think it is important to get my money out there in circulation. Yeah, that's the reason I have this stuff, lol.


Cantstop 1 year ago

Find two people who can agree on which is which and then we can talk about it.

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SmartAZ 1 year ago