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Nuh-huh...! What is up with them...?

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Sukiesnow 8 months ago

Kinda odd seing a man his age with a drastically younger attractive woman

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Sunny_the_skeptic 8 months ago

She is definitely a trophy wife, and as soon as she ages some more, he will be cheating on her AGAIN like he did with his previous wives, and going for another bimbo. Trump is only interested in appearances and money. And she is just as bad, she only married him for his money. ....two losers for sure.

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StarzAbove 8 months ago

Melania Trump cost you $69 million so far because she doesn't want to sleep with Donald. Here is she, hard at work to stop bullying.

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Tiffanee 7 months ago

I'm sure she's happy now, not having to have Trump hanging around all the time.

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StarzAbove 7 months ago

Like every shallow woman's dream to have a good looking or at least a rich man.

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Sunny_the_skeptic 7 months ago

No. Rich people are not robots, just like poor people are not robots.

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SmartAZ 7 months ago