Jean McClelland: Comic books still a superhero in the collectible worldComic books can take us back to the days of our youth. The heroes we read about with such...

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Yup. I'm primarily Batman. Have a pretty serious collection primarily the full length graphic novels. Otherwise I collect "Punisher War Journals", and anything Sandman.. that shall be a big one someday. People who are really smart are picking up the old "Defender" books and then waiting for the Netflix Release. I would recommend those people don't get greedy. Give it one week. Double your money and then get out fast. Same goes for "The Justice League" get in and out fast once the movies arrive. One you could probably make a pretty penny on is the "Planet Hulk" series, especially if you have seen the previews for the new Thor "Ragnarok" movie. :)

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Speaking of that Trailer:


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