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Clarabell - Howdy Doody Show

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Budwick 1 year ago

They are all creepy as hell!

+7   7  Reply

Balou 1 year ago

Clowns are evil.

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Tiffanee 1 year ago

In response to “Clowns are...

I sure can see how a child could be scared of them.

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Balou 1 year ago

bozo on tv was nice enough Ronald McDonald always worries me.

+5   5  Reply

LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 1 year ago

I agree. I never got scared about clowns until I heard it was a thing... Then of course...I got on board...:)

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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

I met bozo when i was very little. Got an autographed photo.
I dont even remember. Still have the photo. It is in black and white.

I imagine, if he scared me, i would remember

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Carla 1 year ago, wait...

+6   4  Reply

Bozette 1 year ago

Love them rodeo clowns!

+5   6  Reply

Will_Janitor 1 year ago

None frightened me, I always just found them annoying.

+4   3  Reply

trooper 1 year ago

I've never understood why anyone would be scared of a clown. They are people dressed up funny to entertain. And who could be afraid of the best clown of all....Red Skelton.

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StarzAbove 1 year ago

Blinky the Clown

+3   2  Reply

JustJimColo 1 year ago

The class clown.

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Sofia 1 year ago

I wasn't afraid of Chucko The Birthday Clown back in the 50's. Here's his photo with Engineer Bill.

+4   4  Reply

JanHaskell 1 year ago

okay, true. Biden and that shotgun statement was pretty phunny.

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Freeranger 1 year ago

I have never liked clowns and it just got worse after John Wayne Gacy . You just never know what's going on under that creepy make up.

+3   3  Reply

Gypsy 1 year ago