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When I was a kid time seemed more normal paced and relevant but now for some reason even though there are still 60 seconds in a minute, it feels like years are FLYING by, and my head is swimming. Anyone else feel this time warp?

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I sure do. It seems the older I get the faster time goes. :) All the more reason to enjoy every day and not wait until tomorrow.

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Linnster 8 days ago

I agree. I feel as if time has changed.

I had a post about time on 2 hours feels like 1/2 hour...same sort of thing in Real Life (RL)

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Sukiesnow 7 days ago

Yeah as Linnster said 'It seems the older I get the faster time goes'.

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Ada 7 days ago

I certainly seems that way.

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PhilboydStudge 6 days ago