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Strength. It shows others that we are not afraid of our emotions.

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Anonymous01 2 years ago

It can be for both. A strong man/woman will cry when their heart is breaking, or they are patriotic and for a number of reasons. Tears are good for the soul.

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StarzAbove 2 years ago


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Glis 2 years ago

It's mostly a sign of strength. It takes strength to let emotions show.

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Sukiesnow 2 years ago

In response to “It's mostly a sign of strength. It takes...

I'm the opposite. It takes strength for me to hold my emotions back.

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StickCaveman 1 year ago

In response to “I'm the opposite. It takes strength for me to...

Does it take strength...? More like self-control? I know when I feel like I'm about to break down...I talk to myself... No! Think War and Peace! Think boring! Snap snap! - Anything to distract myself...:-)

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Sukiesnow 1 year ago

It really depends on the person and the reason they are crying.

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Bozette 2 years ago

Weakness...If you're crying because someone took the last chocolate pudding cup.

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DandyDon 2 years ago

Depends on what you're crying about.

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Caitlyn 2 years ago

It's an emotion, nobody should be made to feel that showing their emotion is a sign of weakness. If a person is so sad that they need to cry then they shouldn't hold it in.

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Morag 2 years ago

Sometimes a lot of tears can make you stronger.

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Tiffanee 2 years ago

It's a sign of being human .... when we're weak and when we're strong.

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JanHaskell 2 years ago

The occasional Cry gives me a little more room for Clarity and allows me to take the direction I need to insure I won't be Crying again anytime soon after.

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Darkest_Serenity 2 years ago

In response to “

The last time I had a crying spell (for lack of better term), I noticed that for each little thing I cried about, I could only cry about it for so long. And once I was done that was it. I can't seem to cry over the same specific thing twice. I've even tried to bring it back and it's as though once it's released, the impact of what made me cry mostly went away.

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StickCaveman 1 year ago

In response to “The last time I had a crying spell (for lack...

A Balanced Mind that can deal with Trauma & Pain will respond that way , it's when the Mind is Fragile one becomes overly Tearful. Crying themselves to Sleep every night , the slightest thing bringing a lump to the Throat and a Tear to the Eye.

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Darkest_Serenity 1 year ago

Either weakness or neither. It kinda depends on the situation you're in too. If you're in a zombie apocalypse and you're curled up in the fetal position, you're weak and will probably die soon. But really though, crying is a strong emotion. When you're crying, it's kinda unlikely you're going to be able to make rational decisions. Not that there's anything wrong with crying.. I just know when I cry, I'm weak and vulnerable in both the physical sense and mental sense.

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StickCaveman 1 year ago


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StephenB 1 year ago

Neither. Crying is a means of showing others how you really feel, despite society's many attempts to constrain it.

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Masha 1 year ago

At the end of this comment, I left a fun video of a baby who uses tears to manipulate

I think crying is necessary

Pain creates a lot of chemicals in your body

And some of those chemicals leave your body through your sweat, and you guessed it! from your tears

And they leave from your tears a lot faster

It's a sort of release

1) You acknowledge that something bad happened
2) You let it out of your system
3) You may or may not still be in pain
but you end up feeling lighter

It's both strength and weakness

It's a strength because it alerts fellow humans beings and other animals that you're in distress and in need of consoling

(Whether a baby cries from hunger or adult cries from losing a job)

It also can "manipulate" people into helping you

The weakness is that it leaves you vulnerable making you easy prey

If you managed to read all that, here's the video as reward or you could just scroll down here without reading any of it (hehe)

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fuzala 1 year ago

Sometimes it is neither. If you fall and get hurt you=me cry there is no thinking it just happens. But I did not cry when I broke my ankle. I didn't feet it.

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred 1 year ago

Either or both. Not necessarily one or the other.

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beachbum 1 year ago

Can be either.

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beachbum 1 year ago

I hate crying around or in front of people, If I cry I will try to hold it especially in public. I don't like the attention when I do.

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bird1986 8 months ago

I cry for many reasons: happy, sad, tired, angry.... but I don't think it's weak for anyone to cry. It's outward expression of inward feelings. That's positive. Of course, you don't wanna be crying in a business meeting, for example. But feeling is human.

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Trish 8 months ago

Both. It is a sign of happiness, love, sadness, anger, regret, guilt, longing, empathy, and being human.

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Jaxxi 8 months ago