It's pretty hard to be like this.I breath heavily without having a choice.Maybe i have some rare sickness named "heavybeathingtirednesssicknessthing" but probably there's none...Hey hey hey how can a psychologist diagnose a body sickness?That's not possible.Is it?Maybe they are doctors too...Many people say they got help from them people but i don't believe it.So I'm not going to talk.Again.I'll tell them nothing.Mom wants a psychologist she said...She said if she made a big mistake with me then she will probably make the same with my brother so she wants to talk to her too...but i bet she will only talk to her about me...and then I'm in big trouble.That psychology room is so closed and small.It has windows,okay.But it has windows that look in the other room not outside...It's like a "safe" room...even tho it has biscuits that you can choke with and classes that you can break on your head and pens that you can kill the psychologist with It's a "safe room" But it's too closed...It's way to closed for me i was choking and my head started hurting a lot and that stupid psychologist was looking me in the eyes and i was trying to not look at her by covering my face but then i thought i might fall asleep so i just said i want to leave the room cause it's way too scary and she said why and i said cause its closed and shit like that the conversation stoped a second after cause i couldnt breath easily.I was laughing at the same time cause it's so funny that they took me to a psychologist and didnt just put me in a mental hospital for the rest of my life.Mom asked me if i want to ki*l myself for attention and i was so mad cause why would i do that?If i kill myself I'm dead.So why would i care what happens after?I might be an attention seeker without knowing lol.I'm just venting out even tho this is not a venting site but oh well!So anyway moms going to a psychologist to be a better mom to my brother so he doesnt become like me at the end so is that possible?to go to a psychologist for free to be a better mom?That's stupid.The police forces me to go to the psychologist so that means that i wont pay.But my mom?To be a better mom to my brother?That's gonna cost money.If she said she wanted to be a better mom for free It'd probably be for free but they'll tell mom what i tell them if i tell them something.AND THATS NO GOOD
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Psychiatrists are medical doctors, but many other types of psychologists (therapists, counselors, etc) are not.

I had problems with anxiety and panic attacks. I often felt I was dying. In my case, the first step was going to my primary care physician. Once no "physical" causes for my symptoms were found, I was referred to a psychiatrist. And believe it or not, they were able to help me.

If you find anxiety (or whatever) is interfering with your everyday life, then I think you should consider what going to a psychiatrist/psychologist. I didn't like the thought of seeing a psychiatrist at all either.

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