Quality of Life

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you did a study or something?

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fuzala 4 years ago

no . It is just something i think

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dimnikos72 4 years ago

This is extremely subjective.

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raintrail 4 years ago

I'm sure that's something people want to think, but I don't think it's true. Most of the people I know who have a lot of Facebook friends are really outgoing social people and have a lot of friends in real life as well.

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Logan 4 years ago

Not everyone adds virtual friends on facebook

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peacefulpotatoes16 4 years ago


When the noun is countable, the correct comparative adjective is "fewer" not "less."

It depends on how you use it. My daughter uses her FB to enhance her real life friendships. She'll post pics with some of her friends to share with other friends. It's possible to become an FB geek and cut off contact with real people, but that's on you!

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perdix 3 years ago

The more friends you have on Facebook the more unrealistic life gets for you

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NeuroRighty 3 years ago

What if you have no friends both on Facebook and in real life? Ha, proved that shit wrong.


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Wunderscore 3 years ago