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Given the history of the human race, I would have trouble trying to believe it will not happen at some point in the future.

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PhilboydStudge 4 years ago

Global war is done. You can thank the U.N. and globalization for that. I'm going to ignore how most of your examples are declining (with the exception of corruption because it's hard to get quantitative data) and instead focus on why WWIII won't be a thing.

The U.N. and NATO limit the power of the U.S. and distribute it democratically to a bunch of other nations (primarily those on the UNSC). This whole system, while strengthening ties between the entire world, primarily acts to reinforce existing friendships and allegiances like NATO. What really brings the world together is the increase of free trade and increased interdependence on foreign manufacturers, money ties together those who aren't allied politically. Those who aren't friendly with other nations ( North Korea) can't compete with those who are (Germany) which would make war by far the dumbest **** thing they could do. The only war that is left in the war will be carried out by extremist groups incapable of a global conflict, not nations.

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Glungo 4 years ago

I do not think it will be a total reset, we are creatures of habit. it will all relapse in shirt order

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Litost 3 years ago