It is shown that feelings can be related with other things e.g. A favourite show or smells,scents. I had a gf whose perfume smelled a certain way . Whenever I was with her I smelled her. When we broke up and I happened to smell this perfume it reminded it me of her, making me sad. Now I have a new gf. She smells nice and has her own perfume. But I have long hair, really long. And it smells a certain way and whenever I'm with her my hair fall all over my face making it really hard not to smell it. So now whenever a make a quick move and hair come all over my face it reminds me of her. Considering I can't change my shampoo, I face this question: *Cough cough* How screwed am I?

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change your shampoo

why can't you?

the other option is cut your hair

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fuzala 4 years ago

how can we answer if we dont know who you are?

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piglet95 4 years ago