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These are the ones that seem more threatening when they are angry.

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StickCaveman 7 years ago

sometimes yeah, but other times it is the other way around. their is this kid in my classes and he is out of school more times than he is in school because he is "sick". he is hated by everyone and my friend said "it seems like he woke up and smashed his **** againts a wall" it is now an on going quote at lunch!

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Anonymous 7 years ago

Exhibiting and displaying anger [or even laughter for a few I've known], is a choice we all make. Getting angry merely gives control of your most passionate emotions to the one in which your anger is directed towards. Every person has that personal line that will trigger their anger, and if you haven't seen a person get angry, then that is great, you aren't triggering it, and you don't know the person that could. It's always a bit scarier to me when you first see such people angry; there's honestly no way of telling what will happen since there is nothing in their history that would give an idea of such. When one of my aunts started cursing, which she never did, it was a bit funny to some at first, then they realized just how seriously angry she was. It didn't stop there, she became physically violent in ways we thought not possible.

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Vrendowl 3 months ago