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My whole life I thought I could remember the day my sister was born.. standing in front of a pepsi machine only 3 years old with my grandmother, a doctor coming to ask if I wanted to see my baby sisiter. I've had this memory my whole 20 years of living. I only found out the other day that the day she was born I wasn't even at the hospital. I was staying with a friend. Sooo.... apparently that was just a dream I must've had when I really super little.

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superaverycakes14 7 years ago

There's been times when I thought something was a dream, and it actually happened. More often, I thought something actually happened, but it was a dream; sometimes I do not realize it until it does happen for real, and I have the experience of Deja Vu. I don't like violence or horror movies because I don't want to have that sort of influence in my thoughts and dreams. It's terrifying to not know which nightmares will or will not actually occur.

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Vrendowl 3 months ago