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... LOL. This made my day.

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Butts 8 years ago

wait - you can't sell your kids' children? ...shit.

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El_Duderino 7 years ago

In response to “wait - you can't sell your kids' children?...

May I recommend fleeing to Bora Bora? No extradition policies ;)


RunThePacific 7 years ago

You had me at 'kids'.

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Truuninja 7 years ago

Either way, they're both bitches getting laid.

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Serg 7 years ago

This is genius.

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Shugah 7 years ago

I think this pretty much applies to any animals one may keep as a pet. Although, people can put their kids up for adoption. Cats and dogs are easier to potty train at least, it doesn't take as long to go anywhere with them, and I find people much more willing to babysit my furbabies than my human babies. Lastly, it's hard for them to talk back too. Spay or neuter and you won't even have to worry about them getting pregnant. My friends hamster had babies, and because she kept trying to touch them, the mom ate them! Nature has some disturbing ways of dealing with babies.

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Vrendowl 3 months ago